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Here’s What’s Keeping Us Sane This Week – Tips, Tricks, Giveaways and a Little Shopping

Boy do I miss my time with friends, a drive with a great podcast on, and a workout at the gym. BUT, like many of you, I have really been surprised at what I’ve accomplished when push comes to shove and my people need a haircut, I run out of my favorite lactose-free yogurt, and there’s nobody around to tutor my child in grammar. In tough times, Americans have been known for our ingenuity and grit and this time in history hopefully won’t have us falling short.

After telling her we had to conserve eggs, my 8 year old (nicknamed The Honey Badger) learned how to bake a chocolate cake using only boxed cake mix, one egg and a mini COKE – super unhealthy, but I had to hand it to the kid, she worked around the problem with determination and got that cake baked. Side note, um, it’s delicious.

Recipe? Literally pour a small can of Diet Coke or Coke + 1 egg into a bowl of boxed chocolate cake mix, bake according to the box’s directions and viola! You have chocolate cake + a science project!

I’d love to hear your stories of grit and determination! We will be giving away one of our “The Maybe” Nightgowns (below) as a prize for the best story.

To enter, email me directly at kate@saintsofjune.com or nominate a friend if you are in awe of something she’s done to keep law and order in her household or her sanity. Use SHE PERSEVERED in your subject line, all entries due by next FRIDAY.

Photo credit by Honey Badger

I also wanted to share with you one of my favorite things this month: the ANDI URBAN CLUTCH. Not sure how relaxing your trips to the grocery are these days, but it’s become a super stressful experience for me. I didn’t want to bring in my purse b/c I didn’t want it to touch the grocery cart, but needed something big enough to hold my credit card, keys and iPhone. I bought this ANDI Urban Clutch pre-corona for a girls’ shopping trip to the beach, but found it to be a total lifesaver when I have to go to the market or to run errands.

The ANDI bags are made to be versatile: you can wear this clutch 3 ways: 1) as a crossbody (perfect for going to the grocery store) 2) as a hip pack (holds my iPhone and cash when I go out walking) and 3) a standalone clutch/wallet with handle. The print is so cheerful, it sort of says “Hello friend! Good times are just around the bend!” when I look down at it. This one is the White Leopard Pop Pink and it’s on SALE (whoop!!) for $40 – https://theandibrand.com/products/urban-clutch-white-leopard-pop-pink.

You can find this oh-so-cute and cheerful Cherries Betty Sleeveless T above, and many more on our site, www.saintsofjune.com for $44. We are offering porch pick up while the T’s stay in stock. I will be adding some new styles next week, so keep checking back for new goodies under $50.

Our kimonos are off the charts fun & happy. We are hoping with all the coronavirus set-backs behind us, to have them available by early summer. Perfect for when we break free of the quarantine, or for now if your kids are sick of seeing you walking around the house bra-less.

Stay safe and look for the bright side,